Health & Safety

health-safetyAt Pave-1 Construction, the safety of our workforce is our absolute highest priority. We employ highly skilled and productive labourers from LIUNA Local 183, and since establishing our business in 1999, our strict health and safety practices have provided tangible benefits for both employees and customers.

Our workers undergo regular training, which allows them to operate high-quality equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Strict maintenance schedules ensure that our entire vehicle fleet operates in peak condition, further reducing the chances of an onsite accident.

Pave-1 Construction’s commitment to safety extends to our material selection. We carefully source asphalt, concrete, curing compounds and other potentially dangerous materials to provide our staff with a safer working environment. This approach also allows for better long-term results for customers, as superior materials provide a stronger return on investment, and our experts make case-appropriate recommendations for every project for an optimal finish.

Learn More About Pave-1 Construction’s Health and Safety Practices

When you choose Pave-1 Construction, you gain access to a comprehensive set of safe, efficient services performed by highly trained professionals. For more information regarding health and safety practices or to schedule an estimate, call us today at 416-993-2116.